Why do you need a good promotion


Before we start this conversation let me ask you few questions.

1. Are you serious about your business or is it just a hobby?

2. How the hell am I supposed to know what you have unless you tell me?

3. Now that you are a unique creature but your product isn’t. So why would I pick up your product leaving all your competitors behind?

4. Who the hell told you that the same demand will be the there forever in your local market?

5. What if an outsider comes into your local market and snatch your customer. Are you packing your bags to going home?


Let us go one by one and try finding answers to our questions. Hopefully that will give us enough clarity on promotion.

1. This is the most important question. The road may not be easy. You can only take things seriously when you are serious about the outcome. If you are passionate about your venture only then we will see it growing. You may have the best strategy suggested to you but that’s surely not all you need for your success. Ask yourself do you believe in your idea.

2. No one can read your mind. How will they know that your product/service exist unless you broadcast? Take a pencil and paper. Write down all the new products that you have heard of in last three months. Now write down how did you come to know about them. It’s not difficult to say that in almost all cases you came to know about the product either by online/printed ad or word of mouth. Did it ever happen that you searched for an LED tv or smart phone before it was made and advertised by the manufacturer?

I assume you have your business case ready. So you know your customer location, age group, gender (if applicable) etc? Also you should have a budget for promotion. It’s now the time for a promotion plan to tell your audience about your product/service.

3. Are you hungry? If I give you option of two restaurants where they make equally good food. One has great ambiance but the other one is less tidy. Which one you want to opt in? Sensibly the one with good ambiance. Is not it? So it’s not enough to have a great product/service. You need to show case it. You need to highlight all features and need to position it attractively. Unfortunately the value is not always visible unless shown clearly. Take special measure in your product/service positioning.

4. Now that you have captured the local market is that all you need to stay relevant? The answer is no. There’s no guarantee that the preference of local people will not change. Moreover, when they hear about a new product/service from their friends they will be inclined to try them. Have you reached out to the audience outside? Have you presented yourself to the customer of your competition. If not there’s a chance you lose out your local customer. Make your presence visible to a wider audience. That’s an important part of creating word of mouth. You don’t always need to physically present yourself outside. But you necessarily need to make yourself visible.

5. It’s natural that outsiders will try to enter your market and snatch your customer base. It’s very natural. And surely not a reason for end of your business. At a point you will need to grow your business. That’s the high time when you need to promote and broadcast the most. You are in expansion mode. The world needs to know about you and your product/service. You can’t start proving yourself at each new location. You need to portray your reputation to the bigger audience. You all that you can to reach out to your new target audience.

For start ups digital will be the most cost effective and useful promotion. There are many ways you can do promotion. The first step is have your own website. Create your presence in as many social media as you can manage effectively. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest are few social media platform. Remember, every social media has something unique. And you need different technique to manage each of them. The next is social media advertisement. Facebook ad, twitter ad, google ad all may look similar but they work in different model. For the best result contact expert for your product/service promotion.

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